Come one, come all.


We are only weeks away from the 14th ANNUAL GROUNDHOG DAY JUGGLERS FESTIVAL presented by those adorable anarchists THE ATLANTA JUGGLERS ASSOCIATION.


This year's festival will be held at Rich's Central Academy (formerly Bass High School) 1080 Enclid Avenue, Little Five Points, Atlanta. That's right across the street from our normal meeting place at the Little 5 Points Community Center. Keep reading for detailed directions.




Friday January 31st 5pm to 10pm

Saturday February 1st 10am to 10pm

Sunday February 2nd - The real Groundhog Day - noon to 5pm




Once again for a $10 registration fee you can enjoy 2 fun filled days and nights at the fabulous Groundhog Day Juggler's Festival in the city that's to busy to hate. Competition for the infamous "PHIL" award happens Saturday at 2pm, with the customary public show at 2pm on Sunday. Those of you interested in workshops please contact us ahead of time so we can set you up. We will also be throwing fire again this year, so bring flammable objects! The Midnight Cabaret and associated party will be across the street from the gym in The Little 5 Points Community Center. Details on these and all the fun and exciting events happening during the festival will be available at registration.




Very limited space is available at club member houses, so call early. We are still trying to set up a deal with a local hotel. Check at the registration desk for information.




The botulism bimbos will not be serving food at the festival this year since the best of all cuisine is available in Little 5 Points. We will have a list and a map available at registration.


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